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SNJ Today Radio rebrands to POP FM 99.9, expands reach.

A beloved local radio station has made an exciting change and it’s on a mission to infuse positivity in every listener.

On June 1, the station formerly known as 99.9 FM SNJ Today, relaunched under the new brand name, POP FM 99.9 Power of Positivity.

With an uplifting playlist spanning from the ’80s to today and an entertaining morning radio show, the good vibrations emanating across the airwaves from POP FM 99.9 Power of Positivity will—like its predecessor—surely lift anyone out of the doldrums.

The station began broadcasting in 1937 under the call letters WSNJ 1240 AM. Ken Pustizzi purchased WSNJ, which was located in Bridgeton, in 2013, and rebranded it as 99.9 FM SNJ Today.

Now, seven years later, the station is transitioning once again and will be transmitting its timely messages of positivity under the POP FM name, meaning Power of Positivity.

SNJ Today recently had the opportunity to speak with John Salvatore and Yamira Velez, the collaborative, down-to-earth hosts of the station’s immensely popular morning radio show, The Positive Perspective.

Salvatore, who is also the chief engineer and operations manager at the company and Velez, who also wears the hat of sales coordinator, shared what makes POP FM so unique during this age of perpetual livestreaming and binge-viewing.

SNJ Today: What was the impetus behind the decision to rebrand 99.9 FM SNJ Today to POP FM?

John Salvatore: The purpose for rebranding our radio station is to better communicate our vision and mission. Our vision is to strengthen the communities where we broadcast, for generations, and our mission is to infuse positivity in every listener empowering them to make a difference in their community.

The name POP FM also serves as a reminder to our listeners that, “You have the power, to keep it positive.”

What makes the new POP FM different from other radio stations?

Yamira Velez: POP FM lives up to its name, Power of Positivity. Our radio station focuses on the positive stories, people, and events happening in the local communities we reach. This approach ensures that we fulfill our vision of strengthening the communities where we broadcast, for generations.

Why should people tune in to POP FM?

YV: We’re proud to provide our listeners with great music that’s familiar and enjoyable. Our local news, weather and content is relevant and timely. Our morning radio show, The Positive Perspective, is fun, informative, and empowering. Listeners will benefit from the feel-good factor that our positive radio station emits.

John and Yamira, you two are the refreshing, well-respected hosts of The Positive Perspective on POP FM. For our readers who may not have tuned in yet, can you reveal what makes The Positive Perspective such an endearing show to its listeners?

JS: The Positive Perspective is entertaining, educational, and encouraging. Yamira and I have a lot of fun giving our listeners positive advice, having special guests, and of course doing giveaways; because who doesn’t like free stuff? The Positive Perspective also helps our listeners start their day on a positive note, which is sure to put a smile on their faces and on our faces too.

YV: The Positive Perspective not only brings joy to us and our listeners, but to local businesses and organizations too. By partnering with them to promote who they are, what they do, and how they serve the community is another way the show fulfills our mission of infusing positivity in every listener, empowering them to make a difference in their community.

In short, The Positive Perspective educates and reminds our listeners every day that “You have the power, to keep it positive,” which pretty much sums up why our listeners continue to tune in to The Positive Perspective daily.

Well, there you have it, folks. POP FM 99.9 is here. It’s mission—to enlighten and entertain its listening audience with a concept that is quite refreshing in this day and age—The Power of Positivity. And, as John and Yamira love to remind their listeners, “You have the power, to keep it positive.”