About Us


SNJ Today is a company devoted to being the leader of innovative storytelling. We simply tell the stories that need to be told. Plus, we’re committed to telling the stories that make southern New Jersey a great place to live, work and play.

Our Story

SNJ Today began in 2013 as the brainchild of New Jersey businessman Ken Pustizzi. An innovative businessman, Ken saw an opportunity not only to expand a traditional broadcast media company into something greater, but to create a constructive, positive source of local news, information and entertainment.

The original broadcast company included an AM radio station and a limited local cable channel. With progressive planning and a great team, our company’s affiliates have come to include snjtoday.com, a website with on-demand videos and information that we also deliver through multiple social media channels. Our radio operations evolved and in 2016 we launched our 99.9 FM music and news radio station. Our original Comcast Channel 22 is now filled with more robust local and regional television programming.

In summer of 2015, we began offering this informative and entertaining content via The Grapevine, our weekly newspaper. In September of that same year, we launched a nightly television news show that’s broadcasted to 3 million households in the southern New Jersey and Philadelphia area.

SNJ Today, at its inception, began supporting local businesses and organizations striving to market themselves in a changing media world. In 2015, ClearBridge Media Consulting was officially formed to provide a complete host of affordable marketing services and solutions. Also created that year was Glasstown Productions. This SNJ Today affiliate, which is responsible for the production of the company’s nightly news show, assists our partners with video creation, editing and production services as video continues to dominate the worlds’ communications.